Parent Workshops

We are delighted to offer parent workshops, which are tailored to the needs of individual year groups and include explanations of key concepts, as well as ways you can support your child at home. Please see below for a brief explanation of what the workshops cover., as well as any resources that have been made available after the workshop has taken place. If you have ideas for future Parent Workshops, please get in touch.

Phonics for Reception and KS1 

Please click on the link to view the slides from this workshop: Phonics and Reading Workshop

Our Maths Lead will be leading three Maths workshops this year, designed to address the following:


  • What are the key things my child needs to know in their year group.
  • How can I support my child’s Maths learning at home?
  • How is Maths taught these days? It seems so different from when I was at school!
  • How can I make best use of the online platforms that the school uses to support my child’s learning?

Please click on the links below to view the slides from these workshops:

Early Years Maths Workshop 

Years 1 & 2 Maths Workshop

Two sessions in the Spring term addressing the teaching of Reading in Years 2-4, and Grammar in Years 5 and 6 and how you can support at home will take place in the Spring Term. The workshops will address the following: 

Reading in Year 2-4

  • How is reading is taught at school?
  • How can you support at home?
  • What books should I be reading with my child?

 Grammar in Years 5-6  

  • What are the key grammar skills taught in Years 5 and 6?
  • How are these taught at school?
  • What is expected of the children in their Grammar SATS test?
  • How can I support at home?

Our Workshop for Mental Health in Children will take place in the Spring Term and will address the following:

  •  Understand what we mean by ‘mental health’
  • Understand factors that can influence mental health
  • Recognise what good and poor mental health look like in children
  • Advice and ideas on how to support your child’s mental health
  • Know what we do as a school to promote good mental health

The following two SEND workshops will take place later in the school year and will address the following:

EHCPs (Education Health Care Plans) - The Application Process  

  • What are EHCPs and who are they for?
  • The steps towards an application.
  • The application process - what to expect.
  • How we implement EHCPs in school.

 Autism 101 - Understanding Autism  

  • What is Autism?
  • How is Autism diagnosed?
  • How does Autism present differently in different children?
  • Strategies to support children with Autism.

What Parents Have Said

"It was really helpful - thank you! I’ve always wondered why the fluency tasks seem so straightforward compared to the maths sheets, but actually it makes a lot of sense to have an ongoing focus on the ‘building blocks’. Much appreciated session."

"The training session was very useful. It was great to understand more about school's approach to teaching maths and also to learn how can we at home support our children. The teacher used great examples to bring us closer to their teaching methods."

"It was a really useful and engaging session, thank you!"

"I found it really interesting and insightful - thank you."

"I found the session really useful. It covered all of the key points I was looking to understand better, especially the language and methods used in class. Thank you!"

"I was impressed by how much knowledge the teachers have and how they put it into practice."

"So grateful that you ran this workshop, thank you so much."