PE at Heber is designed to support, complement and contribute to the values of the school. We have a specialist PE teacher working with our children. Vernon Neve-Dunn is a qualified primary teacher who has specialised in PE. He has been involved in sport in Southwark for many years. He founded the Southwark Tigers rugby club, the first inner city rugby team in England, and also founded the Burgess Sports charity. He is chairman of both these organisations. He has won national awards for his sports development work.

At Heber Primary we celebrate participation and excellence – and in that order! Our aim is to get all our children enjoying and developing their skills every week. The children will develop many key abilities –


  • Physical skills – balance, coordination, agility
  • Personal – growth mindset, resilience, open to challenges
  • Creative – flair and imagination to do the unexpected
  • Social – cooperate in a team, praise and encourage others
  • Cognitive – critically evaluate performance, develop tactics
  • Younger children experience Mr Neve-Dunn’s Tiny Tigers programme which develops all the abilities mentioned above.
  • The school plays fixtures against other local schools and tries to give as many children as possible an experience of competition. We like to win but we are also keen for high levels of participation.

The school has some access to nearby large grass sports pitches, owned by Alleyn’s School. This allows us to provide an exciting environment for challenging the children to achieve more.

Through enjoyment will come confidence and a willingness to be active throughout their secondary school years. The school is committed to developing a culture of physical learning that will continue for life.

For more information, please view our PE and Sports Premium Report here.