School Council

The Primary School Council Committee Meetings take place during school hours every other Friday. During the Primary Council meetings, the children discuss issues raised in their Class Council meetings.

School Councillors discuss the views and issues their peers have raised and convey them to the committee. The committee discuss these topical issues, draw together ideas and make plans. Following on from the Primary Council Meetings the councillors report back to their own classes about issues arising from the meetings.

The Primary Council is directed and led by an elected Chairperson and minutes are recorded by an elected Secretary. There is also an elected Vice-Chairperson and Treasurer.

This is a unique and exciting opportunity for children to learn about and participate in the democratic process. By taking part, children learn to listen to, discuss, reason about and explain issues of importance to the school community. The 13 School Councillors act as the representatives of the student voice.

School Council Year Group Representatives 2018/2019

Year 1: Liam Findlay and Rudi Lewandowski
Year 2: Thomas Cole and Esther Atkins
Year 3: Joe Borthwick and Alexa Baldock
Year 4: Malachi Brown and Matilda Kerr (Secretary)
Year 5: William Elias (Treasurer) and Moshoodat Danmola (Chairperson)
Year 6: Kaynun Andrew-Quailey (Secretary) and Joelle Anyijobi (Vice-Chairperson)