The Phoenix Rises

This term as part of Art Boot Camp we looked at the Concept of the Phoenix. Children used paper construction to investigate and develop their problem solving skills and were given the building blocks to create a head dress that evoked the bird and flame elements of The Phoenix. Their task was to develop as tall and as strong piece as possible.

We took this theme further by using this year’s 350th anniversary of the Great Fire Of London to invoke the spirit of regeneration and rebirth, a city rising from the ashes to become the splendid vibrant urban space of today. We looked at paper pop up sculpture as a creative medium and the ‘Burn Artist’ David Best’s piece on the Thames.

The architecture and shapes of 17th Century London proved the inspiration for the creation of our scratch paintings. After a brief visit to the house of Samuel Pepys the climax to this series of lessons was a performance piece in the Art Room. Children sported their head dresses and took on the persona of The Phoenix to the background of dramatic music, creating a celebratory ‘Happening’.