Match Report – Heber Year 4 vs John Donne Primary

The Year 4 league resumed after the Christmas break with a home match against John Donne Primary School. The Heber players had been under strict instructions not to over indulge over the festive period. The team looked lean and ready for battle. The visitors had travelled up from the middle of Peckham (near the police station if you are interested). Both their boys and girls’ teams were undefeated.

The first match with the boys was very fast and not without skill. On the touchline the Heber girls jumped up and down while screaming the Heber chant – “H….E….B….E….R …. Heber are the best so far!” This then changed to “Heber are the best by far!”, which seemed a more confident chant. The opponents survived a first half onslaught by Heber, their goal was London during the Blitz; constantly bombarded but never broken. With their backs to the wall it was only a matter of time before the Heber Luftwaffe landed the knock-out blow. However, their coach gave a Churchillian speech at half time, confidence grew, and our cheerleaders became quieter. The second half was close but the visitors scored a great goal and ended up victorious. They were a good team so we cannot say ‘we woz robbed’ but it did feel a little like this.

The girls’ match was just as tense and exciting. The John Donne girls were strong and played rather like Wimbledon when Vinnie Jones was around. Moshoodat tried to regain midfield control (she plays rugby for Southwark Tigers) using her rugby skills to great effect! The teams slugged it out like two heavy weights. Eva was our quick and nimble fly weight, dancing away from collisions with great skill. However, power won in the end and the final score was 2-1 to the visitors.

Both teams performed with great spirit and enthusiasm. We would love to have a rematch!