International Women’s Day – A Week of Girls Sport

March 8th International Women’s Day? A week of girls sport.

Heber took part in three girls-only sports events this week. A casual onlooker would have thought that the Heber PE ‘department’ must have planned this meticulously many months ago. In truth it was just by lucky coincidence.

There was a football tournament at Alleyns against 7 other schools. There was a home netball game against Ivydale and on Friday we had the first ever before school training session for the netball squad!

Alleyns football tournament – report to follow, when Mr Neve-Dunn has had time to consult many spin doctors and fully absorb the experience.

Netball fixture – the tall Ivydale team came to the school on Thursday and seemed just as excited as our girls. Heber had enough players for three netball teams and this caused a certain amount of confusion as the girls started bargaining for positions: swapping WD for WA, GS for GD and so on. This was all very baffling to a couple of boys who were looking on.

The new netball posts have had an effect. We can now shoot baskets! The competition was fierce and it was pleasing to see many younger Yr5 girls getting well stuck in (not sure if that is the correct term). The final result was a draw 2-2, which is very promising since we played 21 players in the match!

Friday morning 8am – who would have thought that children would be happy to come to school an hour early to do sports training. Eighteen girls made their way through the early morning mist to see the sunrise on the playground, while listening to all the cockerels, and to have the first ever netball training session. It was wonderful to see how enthusiastic they are and how willing they are to learn. The session is being run by Sam (Ava’s mum) and is a brilliant way to start the day. If any parents feel keen to join in, please contact the school office. More the merrier.