Football Fixtures

Home match against John Donne Primary

The boys football team decided to invite some new players to represent the school. We welcomed John Donne Primary, Peckham, to our small playground. The rain fell constantly, and our opponents who top the league felt uncomfortable. Our playground was wet, slippery and generally unpleasant.
The boys had 6 debutants and only 3 of the regular team. It was a fantastic battle. John Donne won the toss and were asked if they wanted to ‘play up stream or downstream’ due to the non-stop rainfall streaming down our sloped playground. We defended, defended, and defended some more. Dallas our new goal keeper was a revelation. After the first half we were losing 1-0, but the playing downstream in the second half helped and after a superb goal from Joshua we managed to get a draw. The drenched new players and the regulars all hugged each other at the end.
After the boys match we welcomed the girls into the school swimming pool. The girls had dispensed with their tutus this week and played superbly. Apparently without tutus they could see the ball at their feet! The opponents were strong, indeed one girl hit the ball so hard that it cleared our fence and nearly smashed the window of a house in front of the school. When the laughter died down the girls splashed and dived around our playground like dolphins with legs (sorry a bad simile). It was the most fun we have had as a team and we beat our top opponents by 1-0!
Clearly our aim to make Heber a fortress for home matches works when it is raining heavily.

Away match against Angel Oak Academy.

No rain, just bright sunshine this week as the boys and girls football teams took the minibus to the North Peckham Estate. Our opponents, Angel Oak, have an enormous Victorian school, about twice the size of Heber, that is surrounded by flats that were built about 10 years ago.
This week we had no cunning plans just team enthusiasm and endeavour. Both teams self-manage. They do the team talks, organise the formation and decide on the starting players. They try to limit Mr Neve-Dunn’s involvement for the good of the team!
In front of a large and noisy crowd of home supporters the Heber boys’ team played very well. Joshua controlled the mid-field and Dallas organised the defence. Up front Leo moved around rapidly and unsettled the opposition. The final score was 2-1 to Heber. A great win in front of a partisan crowd.
The following girls match was played with tremendous enthusiasm. Alice charged around the pitch and completely unsettled the opposition. They went on to win by 2 goals to 1, the winning goal coming from Mya K.
Despite losing both games Angel Oak were great hosts and after the game they produced lots of fresh water melons and unlimited fruit juice. “This is the best school ever” was a comment from one of our players.

Well done to both teams; Leo, Mamoud, Sam R, Dallas, Mac, Joshua, Wilf, Celine, Iris, Frances, Hester, Mya K, Alice and Imogen.