Our Governors

The Governing Body at Heber has 15 members comprising the Headteacher, 10 co-opted members, 1 Local Authority appointee, 1 staff appointee and 2 parents.  Details of the governors are shown below.

The co-chairs of the Governing body are Alex Jones and Joanna Watson.  Joanna is also the Governor for Safeguarding. They can be reached at governors@heber.southwark.sch.uk

There are two committees of the Governing Body through which scrutiny of the school takes place: Standards, Curriculum, Family and Community (‘SCFC’) and the Resources Committee. Each governor is a member of a committee and may additionally have Link governor role.

Name Role Appointed Date Term Committee Business & Other Interests Relationship to School Meetings Attended


Rivka Rosenberg Headteacher [1/9/2017] 4 years Headteacher 2/2
Joanna Watson Co-chair Co-opted 2/10/2017 4 years SCFC Parent 2/2
Alex Jones Co-chair Co-opted 23/03/2015 4 years Resources Parent 2/2
Paul Davison Vice-chair Co-opted 14/03/2016 4 years SCFC 2/2
Andy Paterson Vice-chair Co-opted 27/06/2016 4 years SCFC 2/2
Helen Lund Chair of SCFC Co-opted 29/06/2015 4 years SCFC 1/2
Tracey Peters Chair of Resources Co-opted 23/05/2015 4 years Resources 2/2
Tyson Hepple Co-opted 10/11/2016 4 years Resources 2/2
Stef Lewandowski Co-opted 23/03/2015 4 years SCFC Parent 2/2
Des Daniels Co-opted 14/03/2016 4 years SCFC Parent 2/2
Vacancy Co-opted n/a
Sarah Mackey Local Authority 27/06/2016 4 years Resources 0/2
Duncan Drummond Parent 4/12/2017 4 years Resources Parent n/a
Andrew Treen Staff 4/12/2017 4 years Resources 1/1
Gary Aboro Associate Resources n/a