Parent Workshops

During the Autumn term, teachers have written and filmed Parent workshops. These workshops are tailored to the needs of individual year groups and include explanations of key concepts as well as ways you can support your child at home. These videos can be viewed on your child’s Google Classroom. Please see below for a brief explanation of what the videos cover. If you have ideas for future Parent Workshops, please get in touch.

Curriculum Meetings

We have recently held Curriculum meetings to help parents and carers to understand what to expect in their child's year group. For parents and carers of children in Years 1-6 unable to attend or who would like a refresh, all presentations can be accessed through your child's Google Classroom, under the 'Supporting Parents' tab in the Classwork section.

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

In these videos, Mrs Piddington will be looking at and explaining the importance of Phase 1 from Letters and Sounds. Phase 1 Aspects are the building blocks to supporting your child in their reading, writing and listening skills and the videos will look at these aspects in more detail and offer activity ideas to try at home.

Phonics and Writing Workshop for Reception Parents An interactive workshop for our Reception families. This workshop is aimed at providing parents and carers with the opportunity to see how we teach early writing skills and phonics at Heber. There will also be plenty of ideas shared that will support with home learning. To view the Workshop Video and other Information Materials Click Here

Maths for Reception Parents: Come along and find out how maths is introduced to children and developed during their time in Reception Year. Parents and carers will come away with lots of ideas to support children’s mathematical development at home. To view the Workshop Video and other Information Materials Click Here 

Story Telling and Inference (Nursery - Year 2): This workshop is appropriate for Nursery to Year 2 parents and carers. It will focus on the importance of reading stories and how reading supports your child’s communication, language and developing vocabulary. Mrs Piddington will be modelling a story telling session which will give you an opportunity to see what questions you can ask when reading with your child. By asking a wide range of questions we can support a child’s inference skills and Mrs Piddington will be discussing this in more detail throughout the workshop.

Phase 1 Letters and Sounds: This workshop is an introduction to Phase One Letters and Sounds. Mrs Piddington will talk through the different aspects of the curriculum and suggest activities that will support your child’s sound, word and letter knowledge. This will be a practical workshop that will discuss skills that are fundamental in supporting your child in becoming a fluent reader at a later stage. This is appropriate for Nursery aged children but all parents are welcome.

For more information on Maths and Literacy in the Early Years, please visit this page on our website.

Early Reading (aimed at Reception & KS1)

  • Supporting children with early book behaviours and
  • Helping children to apply their phonics in ‘real reading’
  • Reading strategies
  • How to select appropriate books
  • The importance of asking questions

Engaging and establishing reading (aimed at Year 3+)

  • How to tackle a reluctance towards reading
  • Where screens can fit in
  • Selecting the right books
  • Reading to children
  • What is happening in school teaching
  • Finding the time to read – reading materials and habits


Come along and learn how to best support your child at home when they are using Mathletics. Mr Elliott will be running a Mathletics Workshop to demonstrate the key features, how to navigate the website and how you can help your child to consolidate their maths learning. These sessions will provide an opportunity for you to login and access the site and ask any questions or queries you may have.

This session has finished, the slides are available here.

Maths Workshop - How to support your child at home

This workshop will take place three times in the school year, one for each term. Each workshop is designed to cover the learning objectives your children will be covering in school for that term. We will be sharing how such content is taught in class, as well as ways in which you can complement your child’s learning in Maths at home.

Autumn Term Session 1

This session has finished, the slides are available here.

Spring Term Session 2

This session has finished, the slides are available here.

Summer Term Session 3

Times Tables

With the introduction of the Multiplication Tables Check (MTC) statutory for all Year 4 children across the UK, learning the times tables has never been so important, but there's more to multiplication facts than just remembering them by rote. Come and learn what the MTC means for your child, and how to support them with their conceptual understanding of the times tables.

This session has finished, the slides are available here.

Computing Workshops - Google for Education

This workshop will introduce parents and carers to Google for Education and demonstrate how we use each of the different apps in the G Suite to complement our Heber curriculum. We will be sharing how content is taught in class as well as answering any questions about the use of Google in school.

Incredible Years - Parent Group

As part of our quest to support and empower our parents, we are delighted to announce that we will be trialing a new parenting group at Heber next term. This is based on the Webster – Stratton Incredible Years and Strengthening Families programme.

The small group programme takes place over 10 weekly sessions and aims to provide an opportunity for parents to discuss their issues and concerns in a non-judgmental and friendly environment with people who are often going through similar situations. The structured programme offers parents opportunities to try new behaviour management strategies with their children but also helps them develop approaches that improve their attachment with their children and lead to improvements in wider family life.

Parents who have completed the program in the past report that they themselves are much calmer when they are talking to their children and dealing with stressful situations and feel more confident in managing challenging behaviour. Parents often state that there have been very positive changes in their relationships with their children as a result of the program.

Spaces are filled for the Autumn Term but please do place your name on the waiting list if you are interested in attending. If a parent cancels their attendance, we will allocate spaces on a first come first serve basis. For more information, please contact our Assistant Head for Inclusion Geneviève Joseph-Williams or our Learning Mentor – Lewwis Spence.