We offer an exceptional spectrum of musical opportunities at Heber, supervised and led with the highest standard. Our aim is to provide a complete musical experience for the children with performance at the forefront. We inspire our children to become lifelong musicians in all aspects; from reading to composing, from appreciating to writing.

Our weekly whole class learning offers instrumental lessons to all year groups and the choices are widening all the time, including guitar, steel pans, African drums, ukulele, Xylophone and piano. In addition to learning an instrument the children learn to represent, read and record music using the stave, and the definitions of musical terms. They cover many genres of music including jazz, folk, rock, funk, Latin, reggae, samba, classical and baroque.

Our singing assemblies each week build upon vocal technique. We teach the children vocal control, from professional warm-ups for their body and voices, to pitch and breathing techniques. The children have choices over what they sing and regularly choose their own songs to cover!

We have a number of choirs to allow for the enthusiasm the children have shown towards singing. The choir have regular opportunities to perform, and have done so at local events and at national events, such as at the O2 arena.

The school hosts after school clubs for those looking to further their musical understanding. We have offered clubs such as ukulele club, guitar club, performance choir, rock band, and recorder club among others. These are normally based on the children’s own requests that we can accommodate for. The clubs have given opportunity to children who would like to increase their learning in a particular aspect of music, and are always popular.

In addition to this, the children have access to drop-in clubs during their non-class based times. These lunchtime and break time clubs have been immensely popular, leading to children-led bands furthering their skills with the helpful facilitation of the professional adults in our Music Team. The children who have shown a particular enthusiasm or eagerness for an instrument have a chance to be taught by trained musicians to further their skills in addition to their other curriculum studies in their classroom.

To increase the scope of music for the children, we host workshops from professional musicians. They have the chance to describe their musical journeys to the children to inspire and enthuse them, and the assemblies are always energetic, engaging affairs!