Drama has always been integral to the school curriculum. Role play gives children the opportunity to immerse themselves, to explore and imagine in a safe space. Our children build confidence and learn to take risks through a range of drama activities that are specifically chosen to support their learning across the curriculum.

Drama at Heber has been inspired by approaches from the Shakespeare Globe. In a two-year project, our staff have benefitted from training with Globe practitioners and are confident with a repertoire of drama techniques to help all children access challenging concepts in their core English texts and other subject areas. A core focus of our drama approach is to enrich language through opportunities to improvise, script and orally rehearse. The impact of these memorable learning experiences has been reflected in the quality of the children’s writing.

As a whole school approach to World Book Day, our children have studied Shakespeare’s The Tempest and A Midsummer’s Night Dream. The children rose to the challenge and fully immersed themselves into these texts through drama, which led to a wide range of outcomes in English across the school.