Welcome to Heber Primary School’s E-Safety page

All schools have a responsibility under the Children Act 2004 to safeguard

and promote the welfare of pupils. An e-safety strategy enables schools to

create a safe e-learning environment that:

  • Promotes the teaching of ICT through the curriculum
  • Protects children from harm
  • Safeguards staff in their contact with pupils and their own use of the internet
  • Ensures the school fufils its duty of care
  • Provides clear expectations for acceptable use on the internet

E-Safety takes in both Internet technologies and electronic communications such as mobile phones and wireless technology. It highlights the need to make children aware of both the the benefits and risks of new technology. It provides the safeguards they need and enables us to manage their online experiences.

How does Heber Primary School ensure Internet use provides effective learning?

  • Pupils using the Internet will be supervised appropriately
  • Pupils will be given clear objectives for Internet use
  • Pupils will be provided with lists of relevant and suitable Web sites
  • Pupils will be informed of their responsibilities
  • Pupils will be informed that checks can be made on files held on the system
  • Curriculum planning will identify opportunities to enrich and extend learning activities via access to the Internet
  • Internet access will be purchased through LGFL, which provides a firewall that filters out inappropriate sites
  • The school will work with the LGFL to ensure systems to protect pupils are regularly reviewed and improved

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