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Playground News!

Throughout the school year, I have been working alongside some key members of our community to think about how we can improve our outdoor space.  It has been a core focus to make plans which can be used to apply for grants, P&F funding and other opportunities as they arise. One of our parents, Barbara Samitier, has contributed huge amounts of time to help

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Quiz Night – Match Report

Heber School Quiz – November 25th 2016 Match Report  (a biased report written by someone who was not at the event) Sometimes a team hits such a low point that other teams start to feel genuinely sorry for them. Everyone pats them on the back after the match and says ‘well at least you tried your best’. The players leave the pitch with their

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Heber Bake Off

The Heber Bake Off:  report from Mrs Jefford Who is Heber’s star baker? A question that finally, well for this year, has an answer! Before I reveal the winner I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who came and ate copious amounts of cake! The members of staff had created a wide range of ‘bakes’ and the competition was very

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Heber Radio – Goes Live!!

Over the past 11 weeks, children in Year 4 and 5 have been working every Friday afternoon on the Heber News Radio Show. Last week we finished the programme and it is now live on the website. A huge thanks to Ros, one of our parents, who gave up his time and provided his expertise as a broadcaster and helped produce the show with

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Gardening Newsletter

As you may have seen on the school newsletter, we are delighted to announce that the P&F has recently been awarded a £2,300 grant from the Cleaner, Greener, Safer Fund by Southwark Council for the upcycled garden project. Our fabulous school gardener, Maria, has already been hard at work ‘greening Heber’, but this money (along with that raised by the School Council last year)

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Heber Farmer’s Market

The school council have been working hard to raise money for new playground equipment. The have grown lettuces in the school garden and have sold them raising £5.00 to put towards the school council’s next project. Thank you to Maria, our gardener, and well done to all of the children involved!  

Awesome Box – Update –

2014 ended with a rather exciting letter from the Clore Duffield Foundation. Mainly because it contained a cheque for £25,000! So we are kicking off the new year getting our plans in order, researching what might go into the box, getting in touch with manufacturers, writing lesson plans, and doing whatever we possibly can to get a stack of amazing gadgets into school so

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Awesome Box – Update!

Our project, “The Awesome Box” is well underway and we have had a number of inquiries from a range of different companies and individuals interested in taking part or collaborating in the finished product. Currently we are working towards producing a prototype and recently had an initial consultation with the staff at Heber Primary School. We are looking for ideas and technology that will

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Awesome Box Project

For the last few months we have been running a lunchtime code club where children learn how to code simple games and animations. Coding is an important skill in the digital age. It strengthens problem solving and enhances logical thinking. Mr Summerfield and our new Chair of Governors, Stef Lewandowski (a Clore Fellow) have been working on a project linked with code club. Together

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Code Club Filming

We have been running a code club at Heber Primary School for the past few months. We started it as an after school club, but it proved so successful that we now offer coding at lunchtime. Code club allows children to learn how to code simple games and animations. Learning to code is an important skill now we’re living in a digital age. It

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