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Year 3 – Stone Age Immersion Day

On Friday 5th May, the children of Year 3 commenced their new topic about the Stone Age with a fun immersion day of drama and art. Drama Workshop The children travelled back to the days of early man to explore the changes in Britain through the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages. The children acted out scenes from the Neolithic period, creating freeze frames. In

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Book Week 2017 – Blog and Video

  As another successful Book Week has drawn to a close, we are reminded what talented children we have at Heber! There is no better way to showcase our vision statement of “Heber being a happy family, where we strive for everyone to belong, to be included, to aspire and to achieve within our creative, exciting community” than a whole school project. Throughout the

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Year 3 trip to Butser Ancient Farm

On Friday 5th June Year 3 set off on an epic journey back in time. Our mission was to discover what life was like during the Stone Age. We travelled to Butser Ancient Farm in Petersfield. Set amongst rolling hills, with the sun shining we knew we would have a great day. Our day began in a Mesolithic house built using exact measurements from

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Foundation Stage Nativity

Well done to all of the children in the Foundation Stage who took part in their Christmas Nativity Play yesterday and today. The children all performed very well and it was an excellent show. A big thank you to all of the staff in the foundation stage who organised and produced the nativity. [nggallery id=86]

Year 6 Globe Trip

Last week the children from year 6 visited Shakespeare’s Globe theatre as part of their literacy and drama topic. The children had a tour of the theatre, and participated in a Lively Action workshop. Back at school, they have been using the inspiration from their trip to work on their own version of the Scottish play which is going to be performed for parents on

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Year 3 – The Curse of Mother Nature

The children in Year 3 had a brilliant time taking part in their topic themed day on Friday. Their costumes were fantastic and they thoroughly enjoyed learning about natural disasters. The children made their own volcanoes and took part in a live eruption using bicarbonate of soda, vinegar and food colouring. They observed the reaction as part of their science investigation and made notes

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Topic Day

On 21st November 2014, the children and staff across the school took part in a Topic Day and dressed up in a costume related to their topic in class, as listed below: Foundation – Celebrations Year 1 – London Year 2 – You are what you eat Year 3 – The Curse of Mother Nature Year 4 – Roving Romans Year 5 – Ancient

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Year 6 Literacy

Recently Year 6 have been learning about Viking Sagas and studying traditional Viking stories. The children in 6B reenacted the story of “Thor and the Giants” from the BBC website. The children also read the book Wolf Brother by Micelle Paver. The story takes place six thousand years ago. Evil stalks the land. Only twelve-year-old Torak and his wolf-cub companion can defeat it. Their

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Awesome Box – Update!

Our project, “The Awesome Box” is well underway and we have had a number of inquiries from a range of different companies and individuals interested in taking part or collaborating in the finished product. Currently we are working towards producing a prototype and recently had an initial consultation with the staff at Heber Primary School. We are looking for ideas and technology that will

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Year 3 and 4 Christmas Play – “Silent Night”

Well done to all of the children involved with the Year 3 and 4 Christmas play – “Silent Night”. The singing and acting were fantastic and they put on a terrific show. The show captivated the audience and it was all thoroughly entertaining. The soloists were terrific and they sang beautifully. Thank you to Ms. Platt, Ms. Edwards, Mrs. Weller, Ms. Roberts, Miss Cranage,

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