La Copa Espana – The First Ever Heber Spanish Cup

The atmosphere was tense as the whole school packed into the bottom hall to contest La Copa Espana.  It was like the streets of Pamplona just before they release the bulls.  There were flamenco dresses, Spanish flags, the sound of castanets, and the smell of paella wafting around the school.

The serious competition was about to begin. Every class would sing a Spanish song and attempt to bribe the judges with compliments and tempting Spanish foods. The judges, Miss Eva, Miss Christina and Miss Valentine are all fluent Spanish speakers, and the children were attempting to win them over with their ‘Spanishness’ (?).

Different tactics were used by different classes. 6F tried to sway the vote by getting the reception children to join their conga. 4LJ gave the judges chocolates. One class gave the judges a lovely guacamole dip with nachos. One pupil read his Spanish love poem. It was clear that the children desperately wanted to win the prestigious Copa, and that they would go any length to secure the prize.

The winners, 5C, tried several tactics. They initially praised the judges for their beauty, next they handed over some nachos, they then involved cups and clapping in their routine, before some dancing and solo singing in Spanish. The judges and the audience were blown away.

The results:

3rd Place – 1H with ‘Arriba y abajo’

2nd Place – Year 2 with ‘Numeros y colores’

1st Place – 5C with ‘Si me voy’

Thank you to Mr Neve Dunn for introducing this fun event to celebrate the progress made in our first year of Spanish teaching!