Cross Country Races – 2017

Yr 4, 5 and 6 Cross Country Races – at Dulwich Hamlet May 2017

Sometimes you walk into an arena and immediately know you have bitten off more than you can chew. Rather like amateur Christians walking into the Coliseum, the Heber cross country team strode onto the vast green savannah behind Dulwich Hamlet school.  Our 70 runners eyed the opposition without really knowing who they were.

It soon became clear that we were in a cross country competition with private schools that owned large green areas that are made for running children and galloping gazelles. Dulwich College, Sydenham High, Rosemead, Alleyns, James Alleyns Girls and Dulwich Hamlet all warmed up in front of us.

About 400 children were at the event.  The Heber children ran with determination in all the races, but in truth, it was an impossible task.  The level of running was phenomenal.  Nevertheless, despite the competition being very tough our children had the greatest level of support.  We had pom poms and all our runners who had finished were celebrated wildly and loudly. Our best finish was Eleanor, who came 4th in the Yr6 Girls race.  We might not win but we can never be out-supported.

A special mention must go to Solonique in the Yr4 girls race.  Last year she vowed that this cross country was ‘the worst thing ever’. This year she came back and ran with grit and determination.  She smiled and felt proud that she had competed.  We cannot ask for more.

Every child ran with equal determination, the two and a half kilometres were a challenge, but no one gave up and we left with our heads and pom poms held high.  Well done to all the Heber children.