Home Match – Heber v Bellenden

Football – Heber v Bellenden Primary – March 30th

This week Heber were playing at home against local rivals Bellenden primary – the very good team with possibly the loudest coach in the league.
After many hours of intense strategic debate and analysis it had been decided that the girls team would once again employ the pink ballerina tutu tactic to unsettle the opposition. There was an attempt to employ a second (bright blue) tutu but it kept falling and was considered a health hazard.
The opposition were big and strong but not as nippy as the Heber girls. Hester, who was wearing the tutu, dashed around like a dazzling pink flamingo (sorry, bad simile) and the girls from Bellenden looked disconcerted. Heber had all the chances and maintained constant pressure, the girls went on to win the match 2-0 after goals from Iris and Mya. It was generally accepted that the ‘pink tutu tactic’ had be a success.
The following boys match had no pink tutus but was equally entertaining. The opposition coaching advice was ear splittingly loud. The sounds of a stressed coach echoed around our small playground. This created quite a tense atmosphere and it was not long before Bellenden were winning 1-0. They increased the lead to 2-0 mid way through the second half. Losing 2-0 to the league leaders could have caused the boys’ heads to drop. It did not and team fought even harder. With minutes left Heber scored and the tide seemed to change. All the pressure was on the opposition goal, shots were flying all around their goal. The post was hit several times, but it was not to be. The visitors won 2-1. The boys were not to disheartened, their performance had been excellent. The boys will have a high level tactical meeting to come up with a cunning plan to defeat the next opponents. Please send any tactical ideas to the school office.

Heber v Bellenden