Football Away Match to Camelot

Football Match – Away to Camelot Primary School, Peckham.

At Heber we are not afraid of trying new tactics to gain an advantage in our fixtures with other schools. After many hours of deep analysis and blue sky thinking it was agreed that this week the girls team would let Imogen play in a pink ballerina tutu and have Iris in ‘war paint’. Some cynical people said it was because they could not be bothered to get changed out of their Comic Relief clothes, whatever the reason it certainly gave us the psychological advantage as the team strode proudly through Camelot’s main hall. The opposition look perplexed, all eyes turned to watch, but we gave no explanation; this is how we dress, this is who we are.
Throughout the girls’ match the sun glinted sharply off the bright pink tutu and Heber dominated the play. It was a large soft astroturf pitch that gave the girls space to show their skills and run around the opposition. Heber were leading throughout, however the two goal lead was not enough. The opponents scored in the final minute and it finished 4-4.

The following boys match was a rough and fast affair. Camelot played in an aggressive style that ultimately annoyed the Heber players. It was a bit like Arsenal (Heber) being kicked off the pitch by Stoke (Camelot) ! Well not exactly, the opponents did score some wonderful goals from long range. The Heber boys showed spirit and battled right until the end, Leo scoring his own ‘wonder-goal’ . The boys learnt a lot and the final score of 6-3 to Camelot was probably a bit generous to them.
Perhaps if the boys wear pink ballerina tutus next time it will help. To be discussed at the next planning meeting.
Well done to all the players – Alice, Imogen, Iris, Sapphire, Celine, Josh, Ned, Leo, Dallas, Sam, Matthew, Mamoud.