Book Week 2017 – Blog and Video


As another successful Book Week has drawn to a close, we are reminded what talented children we have at Heber! There is no better way to showcase our vision statement of “Heber being a happy family, where we strive for everyone to belong, to be included, to aspire and to achieve within our creative, exciting community” than a whole school project. Throughout the school, children all worked on an inspiring whole school text and created some amazing pieces of writing. Heber felt like a very united school where children of all ages celebrated their love of reading.

Much of the success is due to the incredible hard work of everybody involved. A huge thank you to all parents and carers for your support, particularly with the children’s costumes on World Book day. There was such creativity across the school! I would also like to thank all members of staff who have worked incredibly hard to make this week such a success.

As well as being a fun week for all involved, the week provided a chance for children to become fully immersed in the text. This allows children to become more engaged and provides fantastic motivation when moving onto their writing.  Another key part of the motivation process was the ability for children to chat to older/younger siblings or friends about the same text and ideas. This sharing of ideas and purpose was seen throughout the school. As a school we take this immersion very seriously through our whole school text approach to writing.

The bottom hall displays will be showcasing writing from across book week, so please have a look in the next few weeks.

Vanessa Kyprios

English Coordinator



This week it has been book week. We have been focusing on the book ‘Journey’ by Aaron Becker. The children have been writing about where their magical doors would take them and telling us what exciting adventures they would have when they’re there. This week 3D came down to nursery to read their favourite books with the children. On Thursday we all dressed as our favourite book character, all the children looked fantastic! We also had a very successful activity day where all the children had the opportunity to make rainbow fish, create their own bookmarks and make a book about their favourite characters.


The Reception classes have had a brilliant time during book week. They have loved the story ‘journey’ and have been so enthusiastic. The children have been on magic carpets to far away lands, written about what would be behind their magical doors and taken part in a range of craft activities, such as book mark making, drawing their favourite book character and making rainbow fish mobiles! It’s been a fantastic week!

Year 1

During book week in Year 1 we have been reading Journey by Aaron Becker.  We were excited by all the red doors around the school and we thought about where they could lead to. The doors helped us to predict what our Book Week story was about. We each had a red pencil and we decided what object to draw with it and then imagined the journey this object would take us on.  We also wrote diary entries from the point of view of the main character, depicting his adventures as his red drawings took him on a journey. The castle from the story inspired us to use 3D shapes to create our own castles. We learned a lot about 3D shapes as we did this. This week, we also got the chance to partner read with the children in Year 5 which we enjoyed very much. We showed off our favourite book character as we took part in a parade dressed up as them. We finished the week off by taking part in different book related workshops around the school. We got to meet new teachers and to learn with other members of key stage 1.

Year 2

Year 2 have enjoyed book week very much! We started our week by decorating our classroom doors for the competition on Friday. We have been creating magical carpets and hot air balloons, this inspiration came from our whole school text ‘Journey’ which encouraged the children to write stories. We ended our week with a range of carousel arts and crafts activities.

Year 3

In Year 3, the children made story predictions about what the little girl might encounter when she walked through the door. The children wrote an alternative ending to the story and created drawings of the girl entering a new world.

The children became picture detectives, where they discussed the characters thoughts and feelings. We re-enacted scenes from the text and imagined the words and thoughts of the characters. The children wrote in speech and thought bubbles.

In maths, the children identified 2D and 3D shapes from the illustrations and created posters about the 3D shapes. We studied the buildings and imaginary inventions in the text and created our own cities and forms of transport using nets.

The children have loved the book swap with 6D and nursery, especially when they shared their books dressed as book characters. The children have enjoyed the fun book related activities, like making book marks and dream catchers.

Year 4

First Year 4 wrote questions about Journey based on the front cover.  They used the hand question template, and asked a variety of questions that they wanted answering about the story.

We then read up till the girl was about to go down the waterfall in her hand drawn boat.  (What a cliff hanger!) We worked in pairs hot seating, taking turns to act in role as the role or ask questions to explore how the girl might have felt at different points during the story.  We then did an exciting retelling of the story so far using paragraphs, fronted adverbials and noun phrases.  Next we published our stories.  Finally we read the whole story, and found connections with Flotsam.

We had exciting workshops where children made monster bookmarks with Mr Stevens, and a book related craft with Miss Darrell.

We did a book related maths investigation using ‘One is a Snail, 10 is a Crab’ by April and Jeff Sayre.

We made kites in class, (like the girl does in Journey) and flew them in Dulwich Park with some terrific parent volunteers.

4S read books with Reception Piddington, while 4D read books with Reception Cleak.

Fiona also did an amazing job leading both classes in creating two fantastic doors.

And 4S had a fantastic class assembly!  What a tiring week! Phew

Year 5

When year 5 came to school on the Monday of book week, there was a buzz in the air! What were all the mysterious red doors scattered around the school? There were big ones, small ones, curved ones and square ones.  The answer was soon to be revealed.

The first clue was to be found in our whole school shared text, Journey.  We explored the first few pages of the wordless text, focussing on the wonderful and descriptive illustrations.  We discussed the issues that were arising for the main character (who she was…. we still didn’t know) and looked at how we could relate to the characters dilemma and feelings.  It was then, as we explored the text further, that we found our first clue about the mysterious red doors.  Here it was in the book, but where did it lead? What would the next page reveal?   We used this as an opportunity to make our own predictions, painting in water colours exactly what we thought would be behind the door!

The next day revealed the answer to what was behind the red door! But the mystery didn’t stop there.  The red chalk, what was it for? What did it do? What type of journey could it take us on?  When went down to the playground and incorporated the red chalk into our drama.  This was not just any type of drama; we were focusing on the art of mime and had previously studied the work of the great Charlie Chaplin.  We drew our boats, hot air balloons and bikes on the walls and floors and let our imagination take us on our own journeys.

Finally we moved onto some writing, after all not all books are wordless! We created narrative poems, drawing on both our knowledge of poetry and story writing.  We took ourselves on another journey, one more personal to us, through the use of figurative language and rhyme.  We created our masterpieces and shared them with our peers, taking each and every one of them on the journey with us!

We hope you take some time to check out some of our work in the bottom hall so you too can join us on our book week journey.  And what was behind that red door? Well you’ll have to get the book to find out!

Year 6

Year 6 have thoroughly immersed themselves into Journey!  We gave particular attention to how the emotions of the character in the book changed in the adventures as she went on. The week of fun lessons culminated in a challenging writing task where the children worked in small groups to plan their own version of Journey. Each child was given a mode of transportation to write about but as a group they had to make sure that when each section was put together it read as one cohesive story! We are really impressed with the finished pieces too! Check these out on display from next week onward!

A highlight for 6F was Dress up day! Mr Neve Dunn took them to the Alleyn’s field for PE, knowing that they’d get a lot of funny looks – which they did!


In music we discussed the different landscapes found in Aaron Becker’s ‘Journey’, from the drab, banal and unremarkable ordinary home environment, to the enchanted firefly forest; the steam punk city to the magic carpet ride at twilight. We conjectured what different music suits each landscape and discussed why. Why does the repetition of the minimalist composers suit the home environment? Why are the impressionist composers so evocative of the forest? What musical features found in Grieg’s Hall of the Mountain King make it such a suitable accompaniment to the chase scene? These discussions culminated in producing Journey into music pamphlets, where children drew a landscape, with accompanying music vocabulary, and detailed the characteristics of their chosen musical environment.


In Art we looked at the travel modes featured in the book, ‘Journey’. We created a two tier design for a flying machine. We created the top half inspired by the airship, Zepplin Hindenberg. The lower half of their designs featured the children’s ideas and designs to create an imagined craft based on all modes of transport from a Pirate ship to the vehicles featured in the Thunderbirds. We wrapped up the lesson by attaching multi coloured woollen tassels to the paper to create a flying magic carpet theme to the overall design.