Year 3 trip to Butser Ancient Farm

On Friday 5th June Year 3 set off on an epic journey back in time. Our mission was to discover what life was like during the Stone Age. We travelled to Butser Ancient Farm in Petersfield. Set amongst rolling hills, with the sun shining we knew we would have a great day. Our day began in a Mesolithic house built using exact measurements from footings found in Wales. The house was built using hazel wood and had a thatched roof with a fir in the middle of the large room. The smell of the open fire was very strong, although lots of us really liked the smell. Our day was then spent taking part in activities that we would’ve done during the Mesolithic and Neolithic eras. We learnt how to wattle – weaving hazel wood to create a fence or wall for a house. This would have been covered in daub but we made clunch – a mixture using chalk powder and mud. Using our hands, we pushed this mixture onto a wattle fence making it strong and waterproof. We uncovered mysterious bones and artefacts during our archaeological dig  and made straw into jewellery by twisting it into cord.

We had a brilliant time and learnt so much!

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