Music @ Heber

Music @ Heber:


Year 1: Seasonal Songs- Songs about the Summer, use of imagery and melody. Children will listen to and sing music, with art and creative writing.

Year 2: Animals and music: Exploring Saint-Saens the carnival of the animals and Peter and the wolf, to create own musical representations of animals.

Year 3: Advanced rhythm; Students learn about syncopation, off beats and cross-rhythms, they will explore dynamic group rhythm playing.

Year 4: Gospel- Children will learn about the style and history Gospel Music through singing, composition and study, with a focus on examining religion in contemporary music.

Year 5: The Blues. Children will learn about the music and history of the blues, with a focus on Civil rights and life in America.

Year 6:  Jazz. Students will learn about the history and music of Jazz in the 20th Century.