The projects supported by the Parents & Friends are decided jointly between the committee and the school.

Our stated aim is that any P&F-funded project should be ‘to the benefit of every child in the school’.

Fundraising for the 2016-17 year is to be spent on:

  • Subsidising the annual Year 6 residential trip (as every child who completes their journey at Heber will have a chance to benefit from this when they reach their final year.)
  • The Year 6 Leavers Book
  • The Gardener & Gardening Projects (including Gardening groups with the children in the courtyard & the greenhouse)
  • Contribute towards the improving the playgrounds & outside space – We welcome any new ideas or thoughts on how to improve our capacity to fund-raise. Whether that’s via grants, direct sponsorship, new fundraising ideas, or volunteering schemes via companies … we’d love to hear them!

We have now signed up easyfundraising – Simply do all your internet shopping via the link and Heber P&F receives a donation!